NJ Raiders


Mikey Nichols Tournament

The 7th Annual Mikey Strong Charity Hockey Tournament to benefit spinal cord research and quality-of-life initiatives will take place June 23 – 26 at the Barnabas Hockey House  in Newark, Red Bank Armory, Jersey Shore Arena and Howell Ice Arena.

-3 Games minimum, 5 Games maximum.
All game lengths (Squirts- U18 & Girls) will be three 13-13-13 minute periods.

-All games will start following a 3-minute warm-up. This will ensure that all games start and end on time

-Mites A & B play Small Ice 4v4 2 25 min periods running time
Mites: 4 on 4 play with a goalie in net  Shift change is on the fly no stopping the clock  1 minute break between periods   After a goal or a penalty, the specified team will begin with the puck behind their goal with the opposing team 10 feet from the net   All penalties will be a Penalty Shoot (no stoppage of clock) 

 Rosters are frozen by the first game
-All games are sanctioned by USA Hockey there for all USA Hockey Rules apply
-Teams must be prepared to begin a game 15 minutes  ahead of schedule
-All USA Hockey Rules Apply
-All teams must present official USA roster
-Squirts through U18 & Girls will play touch up off-sides.
-One Time Out per team per game


2:00 for Minors. 5:00 for Majors. 10:00 for Misc.

Any player who receives 5 penalties in a game will be ejected from that game and is also suspended from the following game. If a head coach receives 15 or more penalties in a game he will be suspended for the following game.    
-Rosters are frozen the first day of the tournament. (Any rostered player must play in at least 1 round robin game to be eligible to participate in semi-final or championship games)
-Mercy Rule: 6-goal differential in the beginning of the 3rd period ONLY go to running clock.
-Points system is as follows:
2 Points for a win. 1 Point for a tie. O Points for a loss.
-In the event of a tie for a playoff position, the following criteria will be used to determine the team’s placement.  This criteria is as follows if multiple teams tied we will follow #1-5 in order:
1. Total team points
2. Head to Head
3. Goals Against
4. Goals For
5. Least Penalty Minutes (Total for all 3 Round Robin Games)
-Playoff & Championship games
If there is a tie at the end of regulation play, a 5-minute sudden death period will be played. If the overtime does not present a winner, then a shootout, consisting of 5-players from each team will be used to determine a winner.  Teams must go through all the entire team before they double up on a shooter.
-The Tournament Coordinator will do his or her best to honor any request.

Mite B will be using big nets and blue pucks

Entry Fee

$1,200 per team Sqt-Btm & Girls

$1200 Midgets & Jr

$625 per team – MITES ONLY

Playoffs Saturday June 25 (U16 A/AA) & Sunday June 26 (Mite, SQ, PW, Btm)

By Division:

RWJ Barnabas Hockey House (Newark)

Mite B Runner Up11:00aPiratesPatriots
Mite B Champ11:00aParkers Army




Jersey Shore Arena Blue

SqA Playoff7:30aTitle Wave (8)Knights (0)
SqA Playoff8:55aParkers Army (8)NJ Raiders (3)

RWJ Barnabas Hockey House (Newark)

Sqt A Champ12:30p

Title Wave (8)


Parkers Army (3)

Howell Ice Arena

Sqt B Playoff10:20aParkers Army Black (16)Vikings Youth (6)
Sqt B Playoff11:45aNJ Raiders (2)Parkers Army Red (5)

RWJ Barnabas Hockey House (Newark)

Sqt B Champ3:30p

Parkers Army Black (11)


Parkers Army Red (7)

Howell Ice Arena

Pw A/AA Playoff7:30aJim Dowd Hockey (6) OT

NJ Raiders


Pw A/AA Playoff8:55aParkers Army Black (1)Parkers Army Pink (0)

RWJ Barnabas Hockey House (Newark)

Pw A/AA Champ2:00p

Parkers Army Black (4) SO


Jim Dowd Hockey (3)

Jersey Shore Arena Blue

Btm A/AA Playoff10:20aNJ Raiders (11)Parker's Army Pink (0)
Btm A/AA Playoff11:45aParker's Army Black (8)Warriors (0)

RWJ Barnabas Hockey House (Newark)

Btm A/AA Champ5:00p

NJ Raiders (6)


Parkers Army Black (0)

Saturday the 25th

Jersey Shore Arena

U16 Playoff     11:20a       #2 BK Warriors (2)     #3 W Wolfpack (0)

U16 Playoff     12:45p       #1 NJ Raiders (4)     #4 Parkers Army (3)  SO

Howell Ice Arena

U16 A/AA Champ6:25p

NJ Raiders (3)


BK Warriors (1)

Rinks Locations

Families can watch the games: RWJ Barnabas Hockey House You Tube link below Red Bank, Howell & JSA Live Barn

RWJ Barnabas Hockey House

Parking Ford Parking Garage Lafayette St. 

No Charge for parking

Howell Ice Arena

Jersey Shore Arena Blue

Red Bank Armory